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Masochist's Dream August 12th 2006


Masochist's Dream: Backwood Hillbillies' Open Championships of 100 km run


Masochist's Dream will be held on August 12th 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. The exact place is Paloheinä park, which is located about 10 kilometers north from Helsinki city center.


The 100 km race starts at 08.00 a.m. There is a time limit of 15 hours meaning that the race ends at ca. 23:00. We promise to let all participants finish if they are on the final round when the 15 hours limit closes up. If we still have enough good will, enthusiasm, and vigour, we may wait for the late finishers but it's not guaranteed.


The course has been officially measured (Tero Töyrylä / 07.08.2003) and one lap is 1808.3876 meters. Thus the 100 km race consists of 55 full rounds and 538.682 meters, which will be run in the beginning.
The marathon, in turn, consists of 23 full rounds, 538.682 meters in the beginning and 63.4 meters at the end.

The course is unpaved.


There is one refreshment point on the course, which is located in the same place as the start/finish point. Water, sport drink, blueberry soup, bananas, raisins, chocolate and pickled salty cucumbers are supplied there. Own personal refreshments and service are allowed.

Washing facilities

Washing facilities and rest rooms are located at the nearby Paloheinä outdoor recreation centre, which is open until 18.00. Unfortunately the Helsinki city sports bureau doesn't allow us to use the facilities after 18.00. If one wants to take shower after 18.00, there is a possibility at Pirkkola sports centre, which is open until 21.00; if needed transportation can be arranged by the organizers.


The racers are not insured by the organizers, EVERYONE COMPETES AT ONE'S OWN RISK.

Personal belongings during the race

You can leave your personal belongings to organizers, but they take no responsibility for them; the storage will be organizer's locked car.


Registration fees are the same for both distances: By July 31st 2006 25 EUR, after that 35 EUR.

Diplomas and prizes

Every finisher gets a diploma and a prize. Finishers can choose their prize themselves; so the fasters have an advantage. The organizers will complete the prize board when the winner of women's series reaches the finnish (or the winner of men series, if the fastest runner is a female). The official prize ceremony is held when three best racers of series have finished; unless the difference between the racers is unreasonable large.

More information

For more information, please contact:
Suinulan Teräsmies (terasmies@, +35850 597 1325)
Lahden Kolmonen (kolmonen@, +35850 339 2127)


Suunnittelu ja toteutus: Lintukylän Kurko, Tampereen Ilves ja Suinulan Teräsmies